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Zahir & Batin: Rhythms of Being II


Title: Zahir & Batin: Rhythms of Being II        Year: 2016        Location: The Ismaili Centre, Toronto    

Zahir & Batin: Rhythms of Being, a sculptural and mixed-media installation, uses the body as a link between the manifest (zahir) and the hidden (batin). The work posits the notion that it is through the body that a being encounters both the external and internal worlds of the self. The installation uses the eye-blink as a metonym to explore the dynamic movement between states of zahir and batin. Through the act of blinking, the being continuously experiences a temporal opening and closing of the eyelid and a movement from lightness to darkness and back again. Using self-discovery and introspection, the artist has interpreted these rhythmic sensory and autonomic occurrences to be one of the manifestations of the journey.